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A useful and comprehensive breviary about the Beatles' music and life
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Undoubtedly, The Beatles is the most popular and influential rock band in history, and its huge number of fans now spans four generations. The Beatles Booklet is a little program that all the Beatlemaniacs will love. It contains the lyrics of all the songs officially recorded by the band in their decade-long career. Also, you can find some basic information about each song, like who sang it, what instrument(s) each Beatle played, and so on. But that's not all; the program features information about all the albums issued by the band, from their true classics to the more recently issued Anthology, Let It Be Naked and Love. The statistics are another interesting feature, in which you can see graphically what percentage of songs was written by each member. Also, there is a feature that shows images and brands of the instruments played by the Fab Four during their career. And if you enjoy the movies they made, you'll find interesting information about them, like the directors, the premier dates and the songs featured. If you are a Beatles fan or simply enjoy pop music and culture, don't miss this comprehensive program, which you can download absolutely free of charge.

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